Thursday, November 27, 2008

Friday Funnies...

Hey your tree is wigglin'! ( when we went to Aunt Barb's for Thanksgiving we hear Ryan yell from the front room where the Christmas tree is - " Hey your tree is wigglin'." Right....)

Logan now says "CHEEEESE" and will pose for you.

"You pray, I eat." - Ryan

Ryan loves to make up words right now - his favorite right now is "tinko"????

Ryan also has discovered its funny to "fart", so you will frequently hear him say "oh I fart in my pants - then laughter follows."

Logan is quite clumsy - the other day he : grabbed on to the stove handle bar and then just let go when it started to open and fell on the back of his head; fell down 3 stairs hitting the front, back , AND side of his head; was running around being silly when SMACCK! ran face flat into a wall. (We couldnt stop laughing); and fell and hit his chin (of course leaving ANOTHER mark). ALL IN ONE AFTERNOON!!!!

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