Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bittersweet Weekend...

This weekend wrapped up my mom's 2 week visit (actually just 10 days...). Friday we spent the day at Strong Museum with the boys trick-or-treating and enjoying the Halloween festivities there. I dont know which word describes that best - fun - or insane! There were so many people there, the line extended around the building. I think I should look back next year as a reminder of just how crazy that was!! After that we came home and mom watched the boys while Joe and I went to hunt for last minute costumes... totally fun! We dropped by the good ol' V.O.A.... to find some interesting and downright hilarious costume ideas. I'm sure my husband trying the spandex jazz costume on in the middle of the store added to the event! Needless to say, we found costumes! Joe decided he would purchase a Wolverine costume that will fit Ryan next year and pinned it to his upper half of his body... then made his own claws out of hangers and duct tape. I was impressed with his idea. I went as bat girl or woman.... and Ryan was batman. Logan - Blue, from Blues Clues, and my mom went as a high school graduate. After all the hustling to get costumes on etc, we were on our way out the door for an evening of trick-or-treating at the Dyer's house. (our community group) Fun was had by all... but as the night progressed I became all to aware that my mom would be leaving very soon. So we left a bit early so I could spend the last couple of hours with her. She left early that morning, and Saturday was quite emotional for me. I really am praying that it will be possible to see her again before next year... I miss her already. While she was here we had a great time! Not only did we do lots of sight seeing... mostly looking at the fall leaves, we managed to get to the Strong Museum of Play, the Seneca Park Zoo, a garbage plate was appreciated, we fed the ducks, strolled Medley Ctr while the boys played, had a girls day of SHOPPING and relaxation (THE BEST PART BY FAR!), and mom even watched the boys one night so Joe and I could go on a date! We also enjoyed lots of baking, painting pumkins, and chatting. Here are a few pics from our time together with more to come:

I'm sure there are others out there who live great distances from immediate family (Heidi...), how do you stay connected with those you love? I would love to hear ideas. With Joe's family living in PA, and mine in Tx, no matter where we lived we'd always be far from one of them. I really would like my boys to know all of them... any suggestions?

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