Thursday, March 19, 2009

4 already?

This past weekend my firstborn Ryan turned 4! Yeah, to some it is no big deal... but if you know me at all, you know I cried. I cry about EVERYTHING! Don't worry... I didnt cry the whole day. I DID cry as I saw Ryan get on his new bicycle... he didnt need me at all for that! Over the last 4 years, he has been totally dependent on myself or Joe. So I am starting this journey .... which I know only continues, of LETTING GO.

So Ryan.... I hope you had a most wonderful 4th birthday! Batman was the theme, and Aunt Debbie Krieger made it the best birthday by making you a pinata, Pin the Batman signal on the spotlight game, and toss the Batman game. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you as you were having fun with the games, just being a boy. As you ventured out on your first bike ride, you were filled with pride and joy. It was bittersweet for me... but I am so proud to see the boy you are becoming.

Your fav's at four:

color: red

food: peanut butter & jelly

toy: "Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman, always Batman."

game: Lego Batman

Place to go: Toys R Us " I always like toys r us mommy"

Best Friend: "Aaron & Kaitlin, and Chris, and Daddy, and Charissa, And Uncle Pully, and Nick, Kala"

I am so proud of you, and who you are becoming. I look forward to seeing you grow, and to seeing how God works in you in the next year. I love you~!



Sunday, March 8, 2009

Meal Planning... and diets.

Its been awhile since I've posted anything, and have truly been slacking in my meal planning! SO.... I'm trying to gather some more meals that fit our "diet". Not only would we appreciate losing a few pounds before our cruise ( imagine me clapping my hands and screaming happily when this "cruise" is mentioned ), but are also working to change our lifestyle to eating healthier. We are aware that this crash diet is simply that - a CRASH diet. So for the next few weeks... well until April 2nd, we will be going HIGH protein NO carbs. Ok, well we haven't forgone fruit, but other than that - nuttin'. These are the meals I have so far, and if anyone else has ideas I'd LOOOOVE to hear them!~

1. Chili.
2. Lemon pepper chicken, broccoli, salad
3. Steak, baked asparagus, salad.
4. White chicken chili.
5. Salsa chicken salad
6. Almond crusted chicken, brussel sprouts, and salad.
7. Eggplant soup minus the macaroni.
8. Baked chicken, bean soup, and salad.
9. Ham, egg, cheese omelettes.
10. meatloaf, garlic green beans, salad.
11. Baked chicken, egg salad
12. Asian chicken salad.
13. Pork Roast w/ carrots and green beans, and you guessed it - salad.
14. Taco salad

So as you can see ... we have LOTS of chicken. Some of us are not into seafood... but any other ideas are welcome!!!!