Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ramblings from the Roberts family.... Yes, I'm alive!

As I was sitting down tonight after everyone was fast asleep, I decided to veg out and browse fb, craigslist, pinterest, and oh yes... some really amazing blogs that I like to follow!  Blogs.  Yes, I should write on my blog! So, here I am.  Last time I wrote was before the whirlwind of life came along... named Olivia.  I laugh as I write this, but really she is quite a little ball of energy! She has been since she was in the womb.  So let's see.... a few things that have happened over the last year and a half!

* We moved into a new house.  We love this community and the people we have made friends with!

* The boys started attending Winslow Elementary... we couldn't have asked for a better school for them to be in.  WHAT A BLESSING!

*The birth of our first and only daughter - Olivia Nicole.  She melts my heart, makes me smile, and completely makes me feel insane!  She is spunky, smart, energetic (since she was in the womb), she LOVES to eat, and for now... she's a momma's girl! She is also quite opinionated.  The boys absolutely adore her... with a tiny mix of jealousy from the other "baby" Logan ;)

* Joe is now 10 min. from work, compared to 30 min.  Ahhh... this is wonderful.

*We started attending the Northridge Greece Campus, which is a multisite campus for Northridge Church.  LOVE it!

*We have had MANY parties... and lots of fun... with our Harry Potter Party, Kango Party, Olivia's first bday party, a Halloween party and a few get togethers as well.  We love hosting and having people over to our home!

* I am still baking cupcakes as a side business for specialty orders, but I slowed that down significantly once Olivia was born.  It's starting to pick up again, and I now offer 11 different flavors regularly, and any specialty orders as well.  

*Over the summer Logan played tball with a good friend he has made, Aiden.

*Both last year and this year the boys participated in the Winslow Elementary Talent Show... Ryan was part of a dancing group of kids, and Logan performed knock-knock jokes.  The courage they had was impressive.

*Also, over the summer we attended Seaside.  This is our usual family vacation to Cape May, NJ.  What a great time we always have there.  This year was extra special as we were just welcoming my mil and family back from Guatemala. Also, we found out we were going to be having our first niece/nephew on Joe's side.

All of this is to say... we have been SO incredibly blessed far beyond what we deserve.  So, I will try to keep up a little better with this from now on.  (maybe after Olivia is in school? haha.)