Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little man... FULL of energy. Small for size, but enough energy for two!!

Openly expresses himself... very well. This kid ain't lettin' nobody take advantage of him:)

Glowing. His smile, his eyes.... they glow. He is simply a happy child, and spreads his joy through his smile.

Apples are his favorite food!

N' sync. This kid has got rythm!! He LOVES the guitar, and plays air guitar any time there's a tune... whether it be on the radio, rock band, or even a commercial. Not only that, he can keep a beat when using the drum sticks.

Logan - So full of life, and he marches to his own little beat. In a good way. He is TOTALLY content playing with "his guys" (army men) alone in the room. On the other hand, he will not turn down a wrestling match, video game, story time, or a good game of tage with Ryan for anything. He loves his big brother and will let you know it instantly. He also loves pretending, and playing dress up - like a cowboy, or batman, or any other super hero:)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ryan's Random Questions, thoughts, and DREAMS.

As usual, I like to update about my kiddos first! They are truly awesome. I know, I am biased. So... Ryan is 4 now. About to enter preschool, so we decided to talk about why we go to school. Our conversation started with JOBS. A few days later we decided he should start having responsibilities... so now he has 3 chores each day.
1.Feed the dog in the morning before school
2.Putting away the shoes each night.
3. Putting his clothes in the laundry basket each night.

He was quite proud of himself when he was rewarded with a quarter... yeah, a quarter. I'm sure that won't last as long as I'd like it to!

Our next big question has been..." what do you want to be when you get big?"

1.Astronaut... I am really going into a space ship when I am big.

2. Pretend Superman

3.A pretend bird so I can eat bugs.

4. A tree and Logan can be the "tree cutter downer guy"

5. and I will fall down on the tree cutter downer guy.... cause I am a tree!

That was a little much for my imagination! hehe.

Also was "singing in his head" to "oh no you didnt" and ... when the word "ass" came on(which he knows he's not allowed to say) ... out loud he said - "I said ASS in my head"... how could you not laugh at that? Not proud that he did it disobediently... but the fact that he used the word as he was telling us was slightly amusing. Of course, I did not let him know I thought it was cute.

RYAN:Does God move the moon every night?

RYAN:Does God change the lights (speaking of traffic lights?)

RYAN:I will marry Charissa or my mom.

WOW! That was a lot about Ryan.... and then there's my sweetest baby Logan. More about him tomorrow....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our "Honeymoon"...part 1.

Well, as many of you already know Joe and I went to the Bahamas a few weeks ago .... ALONE! Yes, thanks to someone GIVING us a cruise, and to my AWESOME inlaws... we were able to go on our "honeymoon". Joe and I never went on a honeymoon, and in September we will be married 5 wonderful years! This was the most relaxing we've done... since we've known each other. It was great. The first day was so weird. So many things to do... and at least 2,000 people onboard but we were so ALONE.

Here's a brief overview...

Vicki (my mil) drove us from Philly to NYC to get on the boat...

It was quite cold out in NYC... so we took a look around the ship until our sailaway party...

and we got quite a good view of the statue of Liberty, despite the wind and freezing temp!

Then we decided to find our Room..... we were a little nervous that we would end up with bunkbeds, as some of our friends did on their honeymoon. That wouldn't have been a good thing...

And that was day one. Just kidding... it was all a bit overwhelming on day one. So many shows. Lots to eat and drink. 4 pools, 5 hot tubs, too many bars, and a nice QUIET room... to read.
That WAS day one.

Back to reality... Meal Plan for this week!

So, I seem to have had this AWESOME vacation to the Bahamas... yeah, it was awesome. Not to brag... but there was food EVERYWHERE! One night we even enjoyed the chocoholic buffet. But now we have returned home to our two little munchkins, and our lovely diets. It's been awhile, but I am trying to get back on my schedule of meal planning. I have found that if I do not meal plan, we end up just eating junk on those nights when our schedule is jam packed or someone gets home super late from work! Som here it is....

Meal Plan #300000000000.....(slightly exaggerated)

1. Taco Salad
2. Salsa chicken (8 tortilla chips), and salad
3. Deviled chicken, salad,... and vegetable of choice.
4.Ravioli Primavera and Salad
5. Sesame Terriyaki Thai Chicken Dinner... its a box baby!
6. White Chicken Chili
7. Meatloaf, Mashed Cauliflower, Salad
8. Mesquite Grilled Chicken, corn on cob, salad
9. Sweet/Sour Chicken stirfry w/ brown rice
10. Pork Chops, Brown Gravy, Rice, Green beans
11. Beef Enchilada Casserole & Corn
12. Eggplant soup
13.Cream Baked Chicken & Steamed Broccoli
14. Spaghetti w/ meatsauce & green beans.

We are trying to stay away from pasta as much as possible... if you have any great recipes.... pass em' along PLEASE!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

4 already?

This past weekend my firstborn Ryan turned 4! Yeah, to some it is no big deal... but if you know me at all, you know I cried. I cry about EVERYTHING! Don't worry... I didnt cry the whole day. I DID cry as I saw Ryan get on his new bicycle... he didnt need me at all for that! Over the last 4 years, he has been totally dependent on myself or Joe. So I am starting this journey .... which I know only continues, of LETTING GO.

So Ryan.... I hope you had a most wonderful 4th birthday! Batman was the theme, and Aunt Debbie Krieger made it the best birthday by making you a pinata, Pin the Batman signal on the spotlight game, and toss the Batman game. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you as you were having fun with the games, just being a boy. As you ventured out on your first bike ride, you were filled with pride and joy. It was bittersweet for me... but I am so proud to see the boy you are becoming.

Your fav's at four:

color: red

food: peanut butter & jelly

toy: "Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman, always Batman."

game: Lego Batman

Place to go: Toys R Us " I always like toys r us mommy"

Best Friend: "Aaron & Kaitlin, and Chris, and Daddy, and Charissa, And Uncle Pully, and Nick, Kala"

I am so proud of you, and who you are becoming. I look forward to seeing you grow, and to seeing how God works in you in the next year. I love you~!



Sunday, March 8, 2009

Meal Planning... and diets.

Its been awhile since I've posted anything, and have truly been slacking in my meal planning! SO.... I'm trying to gather some more meals that fit our "diet". Not only would we appreciate losing a few pounds before our cruise ( imagine me clapping my hands and screaming happily when this "cruise" is mentioned ), but are also working to change our lifestyle to eating healthier. We are aware that this crash diet is simply that - a CRASH diet. So for the next few weeks... well until April 2nd, we will be going HIGH protein NO carbs. Ok, well we haven't forgone fruit, but other than that - nuttin'. These are the meals I have so far, and if anyone else has ideas I'd LOOOOVE to hear them!~

1. Chili.
2. Lemon pepper chicken, broccoli, salad
3. Steak, baked asparagus, salad.
4. White chicken chili.
5. Salsa chicken salad
6. Almond crusted chicken, brussel sprouts, and salad.
7. Eggplant soup minus the macaroni.
8. Baked chicken, bean soup, and salad.
9. Ham, egg, cheese omelettes.
10. meatloaf, garlic green beans, salad.
11. Baked chicken, egg salad
12. Asian chicken salad.
13. Pork Roast w/ carrots and green beans, and you guessed it - salad.
14. Taco salad

So as you can see ... we have LOTS of chicken. Some of us are not into seafood... but any other ideas are welcome!!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009


Lately my words have been running together, and I just can't seem to get out what I want to communicate effectively. VERY FRUSTRATING.
But yesterday, I realized I hadn't been blogging because I am frustrated with my lack in communication skills!!! So... as I was thinking about communication, I remembered several funny things Ryan has said lately. He also is trying to communicate effectively (the only difference is that he is 3!) and therefore constantly learning new words and "trying them out". Haven't posted a Friday funny in awhile, but this was sufficient for comedy in our household.

New Words: gamey, gooder, notice, bettery, idea.

Now let me expand....

define gamey:

Joe: Ryan I think its time for you to go to bed.
Ryan: Um... I'm hungry.
Joe: Ryan, every night you try this... and remember that you need it eat when it's dinner time and not at bed time.
Ryan: I'm GAMEY.
Joe: Oh really, what is gamey?
Ryan: It means I really NEEEEEED to play games still.

When I was sick last week Ryan said - " I have an idea, you go pee on the potty, poop, brush your teeth (his bedtime routine) and get in your bed dcuz you're sick and my idea is I stay awake all night (he thinks I stay awake all night).

One morning we were driving to daycare and I told Ryan that spring would be here soon, and he says "I didnt NOTICE that"... ( a new word in his vocab)... then I proceeded to ask him where he learned the word. He said " I just noticed it." I couldn't help but laugh!

The last tidbit is that we were driving home last night from the store and Ryan wanted to go home and eat ice cream from his house not the store because " it is gooder". So I tried to explain that gooder is not really a word, but better is. So he should say "The ice cream at our house is better.".... SO with all seriousness, Ryan says "Daddy the ice cream at our house is bettery."....

So all of this is from Ryan, but Logan is having more and more moments. Most of his moments are actions... copying Ryan ALOT. His newest fun thing is telling our dog BB, "no-no".

Our lives are often consumed with children's needs and wants around here, but the funnies and the love make it alllll worth it! I am looking forward to the new things we will learn this next week... maybe just maybe I will blog something other than my Friday funnies!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Super mom...

More like super whiny mom. That has been me this week! But I must say, never before have I admired my mom more. Around the end of last week it all started. Joe had a cold, then on Friday I was feeling pretty miserable by the end of my work day. Even so, I had "plans" for the weekend and wasn't going to let a petty cold get in my way. NOT. By Saturday morning, I was not wanting to move! I thought it was the worst cold ever.**( I don't EVER remember my mom whining about not feeling well, unless she had a migraine. But the flu? Nope, no whining. Just one amazing mommy.) ** So we made it through the weekend and I had off on Monday because Joe was having oral surgery during the day and was going to need a driver. Simple thing right? Once he was home he was pretty sore as we expected. By this point I was completely "ignoring" the cold like symptoms, along with the fever just to get through the night. Surely I would feel better once I went to work tomorrow. Off to work I went, not saying a word about not feeling well ( I didnt want them to know I was such a baby!). So when the sitter called and said Ryan was screaming and pulling at his ear I was somewhat relieved that I might get some rest too! Selfish, I know. Anyways things have just been "progressing" it seems around here, and I wonder will it ever end? Both boys now have ear infections, I have strep and other junk going on, and Joe now has a dry socket where he had surgery on Monday! SOOOO how do moms with 4, 6, and 8 children do it???? How did MY mom do it while working full time and having 4 children??? I have never been more grateful for my mom. I always remember her being sympathetic while we were sick.... and loving us... even if she didnt feel well. Every negative thought I have I start to wonder what is God trying to teach me through this? Yes, it happens to all moms out there. But do all moms have the right motivation, and attitude in caring for their children? Is he teaching me patience? Or is he simply bringing me to realize that NOTHING is done in my strength but His. And then I wonder, how many times my mom went to God asking for HIS strength and not her own. How many times has he provided strength to all the moms out there? His grace, love, and mercy amaze me. I'm thinking I should stop aiming for "super mom" and start aiming for being FILLED by Him, with his Love, Mercy, and STRENGTH.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday Funnies...

So lately, as soon as Ryan gets to something difficult (in anything - games, peeing, putting on his clothes, etc) he says "he's done" or "you do it for me".... so the other day we told Ryan that just because you come across something that might take some work to do you shouldn't give up. Our motto has been try, try, try again. Obviously we will help him, but want him to see how rewarding it is when you succeed after putting in your all, or even failing first. So last night Ryan was playing a game, and said " Dad, God wants you to help me". WHAT?! Wow - talk about learning manipulation early... we have a lot to work on, but it was definitely funny.

At Christmas time Ryan received cowboy boots, hat, and vest for Christmas -- and LOGAN has been the one sportin' it almost EVERY day! He has even learned how to say "yee haw". The other day right after bath time he was still naked, and he walked into the bathroom where I was with Ryan - naked except for the vest and hat and shouted ' YEE HAW!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

My New Years Resolution...

I fear my New Year's resolution will be something I always struggle with. Yeah there are lots of those things like overeating, weight, impatience, the list goes on... but this is something very real and frustrating to me. Something that I never thought would be an issue - but it has become one. VIDEO GAMES. Yep, I said it. No, I am NOT obsessed with playing video games, I am far from it. They can sometimes ruin my day - mostly - MY ATTITUDE. My amazing husband has a great gift for playing these, and it is his favorite hobby. In no way do I want to take this enjoyment away from him, I just prefer to have nothing to do with it. In past, I have made some attempts to involve myself in them, by finding games I would like to play and getting him involved. Did you see how that worked? They were games I wanted to play. Not necessarily what he wanted to do. So selfish, I know. So until today, I genuinely thought that was a "good enough" effort... involving myself with them, even if it was something I chose to play. BUT anyone who knows Ryan knows that he ADORES his daddy, and wants to be JUST like him! And he is. So for Christmas Ryan got a few games... some that he could play with us, and some he could play alone. Well since Christmas I have hardly seen the kid, and it down right ticks me off. I think all things are good in moderation. That is a philosophy I truly believe. Then today Joe reminded me to "find something else to preoccupy him specifically" to deter his mind from ONLY wanting to play the games. So I thought about it and decided I would play a game he wanted to play and REALLY pay attention, and get involved. So as we were playing a short demo game, Ryan was just giddy telling me what everything was and what I was supposed to do. Joe said to me " Heather, he has watched this demo 50 times, but never been this excited. It's because you care about something he loves." THAT WAS HARD FOR ME TO HEAR. So my resolution is to be more in tune with my children, and their unique abilities, even if it's not something I really enjoy.