Monday, November 3, 2008

Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood...

Ok. I'm no Applebees, but I will admit we have been eatin' good around here lately. (Not always the best thing for my weight... but most has been healthier!) I recently went to a friends blog who moved away to AZ. I check her blog frequently to keep up with her life, and she always has new and great ideas to keep the kids busy - for free! (thanks Terri!) So as I was looking at her blog I saw a blog for recipes... little did I know this woman goes to my church but we have never formally met! The recipes have been amazing AND easy! A few new things we've had lately are:

Veggie Stuffed Shells
Potato Chowder
Baked Pesto Chicken
Oatmeal Carmelites

I say if you're a woman (or man) with a busy family like ours, you should totally check out her blog! Let me know if you try anything yummy from there... I'm interested. I can't make EVERYTHING there.... so I'll be waiting for you to do the taste testing!

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Jen Maik said...

Thanks for sharing the website I saw quite a few recipes that I want to try! I am missing some of the ingredients right now so I will let you know how I like them. I am thinking about making the slow cooker chicken stroganoff, crockpot chicken cordon bleu, and the potato chowder. I wonder if for the tuna casserole she has you could substitute chicken for the tuna as DJ won't touch the stuff!
Thanks again!