Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas... YEP I said it!

CHRISTMAS is around the corner! Yes, I know we haven't even made it through Thanksgiving, but I am trying to get pumped up! I have been very sad lately as we will not be with any of our immediate family this year other than ourselves, for Thanksgiving OR Christmas. I started thinking last night about the last 4 years Joe and I have been married. What our Christmas' have been like. I am finding that we haven't really started any of our own traditions... and I'd like to. I'm just not sure what! Also I'm wondering if there is anything exciting that other people do to "stay connected" to family they are away from during this holiday season. I'd LOVE to hear some ideas. The one tradition we have kept is going out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve... that one was inherited from his family. In the past (not every year or consistently) we have made Christmas cookies, gone to see SANTA (this deserves another entry entirely), gone to look at Christmas lights.... So I am asking for ideas!!! My boys are 3 and 1... I want to make memories that will last a lifetime (good ones preferrably!).


THE MAIKS said...

Sorry you can't be with your families for the holidays=( I'm sure you will still have a special Christmas just the four of you! One of our Christmas traditions is to make this coffee cake (it's actually called a Swedish Tea log) and heat it up in the oven on Christmas morning before opening our presents. YUMMY! Dj and I also try and buy special Christmas ornaments each year for us and the kids to remember that year by.

Terri said...

Hi Heather! I just figured out now that your blog is different and so glad I did. :) 2 ideas I have that we do are buy the kids a Christmas story book each year and give it to them on Christmas Eve and then we read it together. As Christmas nears usually the book from last year gets pulled out often for reading before bed. I always try to get one that has the "real" reason for the season in the book. The other idea is to make a cake for Jesus' b'day and have a birthday party. As for ideas for far away family (sniff sniff) I hope you get some advice soon so I can take it. If I were ambitious I'd make a picture book with big pics of all the fam with names so they can see their updates pics and bios often. :)