Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Salsa Chicken... compliments of Terri!

Recently a friend sent me a recipe for Salsa Chicken. This is the EASIEST and a very tasty meal!

However many chicken breasts you choose. ( 3 large to 1pkg. of seasoning)

Then generously spread taco seasoning (powder) all over the chicken.
Then generously cover with salsa (I use mamma mia salsa - Vicki:)).

Then bake the chicken until it is cooked through.
Next dice the chicken. This is where you can be creative. I believe Terri eats this with chips and salsa... we have made chicken wraps, quesadillas, and also enjoyed as a chicken taco salad. The quesadillas are our favorite! Simply put a tortilla in the frying pan or on a griddle. Put whatever you want on your quesadilla on one side of the tortilla. Then fold. Let that side brown lightly and flip. Then remove and cut into 4 triangles.


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