Thursday, November 27, 2008

SO much to be thankful for

So today I was thinking about how blessed I am... kinda sad we only make a point to do it one day a year, we should have Thanksgiving once a month! Ok... so I guess that's a bad idea with all the food intake on Thanksgiving. Well, for me anyways. In a recent posts I asked for suggestions on starting traditions, and well one just fell right in line. Yesterday I was looking for a recipe for a squash casserole and found one that will now be our official squash recipe! It was SO yummy! But, back to my point. As I was searching for recipes I found one for pumpkin pancakes and nutmeg whipped topping - Not only was this yummy but different for us. I made pancakes and we watched the Macy's Day parade - while I snuck in often to cook other delicious treats. This is something we hope to do every Thanksgiving morning from now on.

What am I thankful for?

Of course I am thankful for my AMAZING husband, and 2 beautiful boys. My home, and transportation God has provided. But let me be specific.

I am thankful for the FREE car we were given, in GODS PERFECT TIMING.
I am thankful for the job I just received - that I prayed for specifically, with specific desires within the job.
I am thankful for my neighbors who consistently befriend us, help us whenever needed, and would sacrifice their desires to help us if needed. Sometimes I am amazed by their generosity compared to others who "have a relationship with God." I love them like family.

I am SO thankful for a community group who is open, honest, generous, and down to earth. There have been weeks that the only thing that kept me going was this group of people. They are amazingly devoted to God and to learning more about who he is, and deepening our relationship with him.

I am thankful for disposable diapers!!!! I know some of you out there use cloth diapers (you will probably receive some kind of award in heaven for this), but I am not that person. As quickly as the smell arrived it can be out the door!!!! Especially since my lil LJ is VERY regular - eat poop sleep - eat poop sleep!

I am thankful for my mom and her friendship and love. I love that I can call her no matter when and she will listen to me --- I miss her, and am grateful I could spend a week with her last month.

There's more --- but these are on my heart right now.

What are you thankful for?

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