Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Menu Planning 12/5 - 12/19

SO I'm sure some of you are wondering why I am posting our personal meal plan for the next two weeks, but several of my friends have told me " I just dont have any ideas of what to cook".... there is the whole world of internet cookbooks, but many just dont want to do the searching. So here is our layout.... take what you want and make it your own!

1. Enchilada casserole (beef) - in my recipe box*

2.Cream Baked Chicken - in my r box*

3.Sweet and Sour Chicken (dieter's cookbook - under kids favorite section)

4.Meatloaf and Mashed potatoes*

5.Chili (from Flylady - recipe in my box)

6.Eggplant Supper soup - found at

7.Veggie Mac N' Cheese - found at

8. ONE OPEN SPOT FOR A NEW RECIPE OF CHOICE. (will post what that is before shopping!)

9.Tricolor casserole (recipe box)

10. Sausage/Corn Chowder (in my recipe box)

11. Spaghetti Wednesdays ( x2 ) this our Wednesday recipe due to the crazy schedule on Wednesday nights.... I switch it occasionally for a crockpot recipe, but usually remains SPAGHETTI WEDNESDAYS.

12. Salsa Chicken Quesadillas*

13. Smothered Porkchops with Rice and a vegetable of choice.*

You may see some repeats, but I have remaining ingredients from the last two weeks due to the Thanksgiving holidays. The meals with a * are the ones we should eat up first to keep all ingredients as fresh as possible.

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