Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Funnies...

So several things I remember saying - gotta write that down for Friday, and then I didnt and now I'm sitting here wondering what it was that was so funny! Silly me. So from now on I will keep a draft as things happen throughout the week and save it til Friday! But I did have something to share...

So Ryan is in Cubbies at Church on Wednesday nights. Each week he memorizes a verse. A couple of weeks ago his verse was "and Jesus grew in wisdom." Then this past Wednesday we were on our way home from church and Ryan started to talk about growing and how it hurts his legs. Then he says "Jesus grewed." I said, yes Ryan he did. Then he said his verse "Jesus grewed in wisdom and thats why he grewed very big". It was cute that he related his growing to that of Jesus'.


Logan absolutely LOVES music. He now hums (or sings in his own language - always getting the tune right) the B-I-B-L-E, I'm in the Lords army (his fav), ABC's, and as of today the theme song to WONDER PETS. Lord, HELP ME! (That show drives me nuts with its repetition!)

Also, not one of the things I'm happy about but later it was funny. Last night about 1/2 hr. after I put the boys in bed I heard screaming. I went upstairs to see about the problem, and Ryan was crying and Logan was just looking at me holding a toy light sabre in his hand. Ryan said " I was sleeping and he hit me". I can only imagine - Ryan the innocent one sleeping peacefully and all of a sudden being woken as a toy is coming right at you! As I looked at Logan he said "UH-OH". It was a little ironic - I mean usually its the other way around. I think Ry better watch his back from now on!

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