Monday, August 24, 2009

Ryan's Random Questions, thoughts, and DREAMS.

As usual, I like to update about my kiddos first! They are truly awesome. I know, I am biased. So... Ryan is 4 now. About to enter preschool, so we decided to talk about why we go to school. Our conversation started with JOBS. A few days later we decided he should start having responsibilities... so now he has 3 chores each day.
1.Feed the dog in the morning before school
2.Putting away the shoes each night.
3. Putting his clothes in the laundry basket each night.

He was quite proud of himself when he was rewarded with a quarter... yeah, a quarter. I'm sure that won't last as long as I'd like it to!

Our next big question has been..." what do you want to be when you get big?"

1.Astronaut... I am really going into a space ship when I am big.

2. Pretend Superman

3.A pretend bird so I can eat bugs.

4. A tree and Logan can be the "tree cutter downer guy"

5. and I will fall down on the tree cutter downer guy.... cause I am a tree!

That was a little much for my imagination! hehe.

Also was "singing in his head" to "oh no you didnt" and ... when the word "ass" came on(which he knows he's not allowed to say) ... out loud he said - "I said ASS in my head"... how could you not laugh at that? Not proud that he did it disobediently... but the fact that he used the word as he was telling us was slightly amusing. Of course, I did not let him know I thought it was cute.

RYAN:Does God move the moon every night?

RYAN:Does God change the lights (speaking of traffic lights?)

RYAN:I will marry Charissa or my mom.

WOW! That was a lot about Ryan.... and then there's my sweetest baby Logan. More about him tomorrow....

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