Saturday, January 31, 2009


Lately my words have been running together, and I just can't seem to get out what I want to communicate effectively. VERY FRUSTRATING.
But yesterday, I realized I hadn't been blogging because I am frustrated with my lack in communication skills!!! So... as I was thinking about communication, I remembered several funny things Ryan has said lately. He also is trying to communicate effectively (the only difference is that he is 3!) and therefore constantly learning new words and "trying them out". Haven't posted a Friday funny in awhile, but this was sufficient for comedy in our household.

New Words: gamey, gooder, notice, bettery, idea.

Now let me expand....

define gamey:

Joe: Ryan I think its time for you to go to bed.
Ryan: Um... I'm hungry.
Joe: Ryan, every night you try this... and remember that you need it eat when it's dinner time and not at bed time.
Ryan: I'm GAMEY.
Joe: Oh really, what is gamey?
Ryan: It means I really NEEEEEED to play games still.

When I was sick last week Ryan said - " I have an idea, you go pee on the potty, poop, brush your teeth (his bedtime routine) and get in your bed dcuz you're sick and my idea is I stay awake all night (he thinks I stay awake all night).

One morning we were driving to daycare and I told Ryan that spring would be here soon, and he says "I didnt NOTICE that"... ( a new word in his vocab)... then I proceeded to ask him where he learned the word. He said " I just noticed it." I couldn't help but laugh!

The last tidbit is that we were driving home last night from the store and Ryan wanted to go home and eat ice cream from his house not the store because " it is gooder". So I tried to explain that gooder is not really a word, but better is. So he should say "The ice cream at our house is better.".... SO with all seriousness, Ryan says "Daddy the ice cream at our house is bettery."....

So all of this is from Ryan, but Logan is having more and more moments. Most of his moments are actions... copying Ryan ALOT. His newest fun thing is telling our dog BB, "no-no".

Our lives are often consumed with children's needs and wants around here, but the funnies and the love make it alllll worth it! I am looking forward to the new things we will learn this next week... maybe just maybe I will blog something other than my Friday funnies!

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Terri said...

love it Heather. I am trying to decide which is my favorite new word - gamey or bettery! he he. I was laughing (and impressed) that Ry thinks you guys stay up all night. I HOPE that means he doesn't come bug you guys in the wee hours or super early like Evan does! Kills the chance at good sleep. If he doesn't do that could he come teach Evan not to!?? :) (no, seriously)