Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little man... FULL of energy. Small for size, but enough energy for two!!

Openly expresses himself... very well. This kid ain't lettin' nobody take advantage of him:)

Glowing. His smile, his eyes.... they glow. He is simply a happy child, and spreads his joy through his smile.

Apples are his favorite food!

N' sync. This kid has got rythm!! He LOVES the guitar, and plays air guitar any time there's a tune... whether it be on the radio, rock band, or even a commercial. Not only that, he can keep a beat when using the drum sticks.

Logan - So full of life, and he marches to his own little beat. In a good way. He is TOTALLY content playing with "his guys" (army men) alone in the room. On the other hand, he will not turn down a wrestling match, video game, story time, or a good game of tage with Ryan for anything. He loves his big brother and will let you know it instantly. He also loves pretending, and playing dress up - like a cowboy, or batman, or any other super hero:)

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Terri said...

So cute Heather! I miss your family!! I liked the acrostic post. I have been doing that with jalene's lunch notes using the letters of each weekday word. :)