Thursday, March 19, 2009

4 already?

This past weekend my firstborn Ryan turned 4! Yeah, to some it is no big deal... but if you know me at all, you know I cried. I cry about EVERYTHING! Don't worry... I didnt cry the whole day. I DID cry as I saw Ryan get on his new bicycle... he didnt need me at all for that! Over the last 4 years, he has been totally dependent on myself or Joe. So I am starting this journey .... which I know only continues, of LETTING GO.

So Ryan.... I hope you had a most wonderful 4th birthday! Batman was the theme, and Aunt Debbie Krieger made it the best birthday by making you a pinata, Pin the Batman signal on the spotlight game, and toss the Batman game. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you as you were having fun with the games, just being a boy. As you ventured out on your first bike ride, you were filled with pride and joy. It was bittersweet for me... but I am so proud to see the boy you are becoming.

Your fav's at four:

color: red

food: peanut butter & jelly

toy: "Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman, always Batman."

game: Lego Batman

Place to go: Toys R Us " I always like toys r us mommy"

Best Friend: "Aaron & Kaitlin, and Chris, and Daddy, and Charissa, And Uncle Pully, and Nick, Kala"

I am so proud of you, and who you are becoming. I look forward to seeing you grow, and to seeing how God works in you in the next year. I love you~!



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