Sunday, October 5, 2008

Summer VACATION - a little late!

So I am a little late in updating everyone on our fabulous summer vacation! This was our first "family vacation" outside of visiting family members, although we did meet up with Joe's mom, grandmother, and siblings! We were VERY blessed to be able to go to beautiful Cape May, NJ and stay in a beautiful home - Seaside Home. It is only about a block from the ocean - a short block!
Each morning around 7 am if you went out you could hear the waves come crashing in... it was amazing to me. The detail that God put into everything he created is amazing. As I heard the waves I thought about the details of the ocean, then the details of the beautiful sunset we watched, and EVERY grain of sand!!! It helped me to remember that God cares about the DETAILS of MY life!!! That is sometimes hard for me to grasp - that an amazing God so mighty and powerful, so amazing would care about measley lil ol' me and my details! So we went to the ocean at least once a day for a swim and lots of playing in the sand, we had morning and evening devotions at the home with a local pastor (it was sort of like a family camp), often I walked into the center of town while the boys napped for some shopping or testing and buying the most wonderful fudge and salt water taffy, and just totally relaxed! Joe and I truly enjoyed our time with Joe's family, and the boys, and just being together without the busyness of life. I am so thankful that God allowed us to go on such a restful vacation. That is what its supposed to be about, but often that does not always happen!!

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Heidi said...

Its so funny you posted about your summer vacation. I was going to do it also just so I would have the details in writing :) It sounds like you guys had lots of fun! The boys are adorable!!!!