Saturday, October 4, 2008


Recently, ok nothing on here is recent. My last post was in January!!!! Rachel Ray had a show this past spring on ways to involve your children in cooking. During that segment she showed how to make "banana sushi" - so simple a 3 yr old can do it! This is Ryans favorite I thought I would share our experience - maybe there are other little kiddies who would enjoy this yummy treat!

Ingredients: 2 slices wheat bread~ Peanut butter OR nutello~ 1 banana
1. Cut off the edges of the bread (the crust) neatly.

2. Overlap the 2 pieces of bread just enought to be overlapping.
3. Roll with a rolling pin the 2 pieces of bread FLAT until they become one.
4. Spread pb or nutello on the one long piece of bread.
5. Peel and place the banana as straight as possible into the middle of the bread longways.
6. Wrap the bread tightly around the banana until it looks like a sealed burrito.
7. Cut 1/2 in. slices (horizontally)

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