Sunday, October 5, 2008

my struggle TODAY

Wow - today's message and the last several weeks has been about "FIGHTING FAIR". Ugh. Sorry David, that's how I feel so you must (or the holy spirit) be getting through!!! Today's part in this series was all about forgiveness - and how God COMMANDS it. There are so many pieces to this subject... and right now I'm not liking it. It feels a little overwhelming! I think what my struggle is, is forgiving those who have NOT asked, and forgiving when I'm still FEELING hurt. Anyone else with these struggles? There's gotta be a few of you! Well, if you have a brief moment and remember me - PRAY FOR ME!!! This is a struggle, but something I am working on - an area that I REALLY want to please God in!! Please pray that God gives me the GRACE to forgive when my deep feelings say otherwise!! ALso I must remember to focus on what's been done FOR me and not To me.

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Kira said...

Hey Heather...I just found your blog!

I stuggle as well with forgiving someone when I still feel hurt. I think that is the issue for a lot of us when it comes to forgiving people who have wronged us.
As for forgiving people who haven't asked for it...I'm not sure about that one. People who don't ask God for forgiveness don't just get forgiven and go to heaven anyway. That's the only thing that makes me question that concept. But I do think we should prepare our hearts to be ready and willing to forgive. Maybe that's the key to the first issue...preparing your heart before they ask so when they do ask, you can truly forgive them. I don't know...I'll need to do some reading to gain some more understanding on the subject.