Saturday, October 4, 2008


Here I am once again, Ryan has stumped me again. We have been trying to gear Ryan up for Awana, which he will be starting on Wednesday... (I'm probably more excited than he is!) so we've been working on memorizing verses. Also I do not have a stereo in my car at the moment, so that is what our conversation consists of each morning as we go to daycare. His innocent little voice reciting verses is such a great way to start our day! (especially mine!) So as we are learning Romans 3:23 and we are talking about sin... and heaven and hell(for the 1st time hell)... Ryan spouts out "Dont worry mom, I'm going to heaven!"... me: Well Ryan thats great, but do you know why your going to heaven? RYAN: because Jesus is in there... and points to a cemetery. Wow.... We have ALOT to work on I thought. Next was what really caught me up... "Mom, I am going to die on Sunday." I quickly replied, "oh no I dont want you to die before mommy".... Then in his sweetest voice he says "Its okay mom. You, me, dad, and Logan are all going to die on Sunday and go to heaven. That makes me happy."..... WOW. Where did that come from? Well, it was just amazing to me that he would think of us all dying as a family. We do everything else together why wouldnt we all die together in his mind?... So... all of this conversation has really stirred up an feeling of urgency in my heart... an urgency for him to understand the "why" of salvation. As offensive as it is, it is very difficult for me to believe there is an "age of accountability" as it does NOT say that anywhere in the Bible. This is a very hard thing for me to wrap around my brain. Our church recently did a study on where do babies go when they die.... and even though I've been told all my life there is an "age of accountability" I just cant come to grips with the fact that it is only assumed, not confirmed biblically. So there you have it. There is my heart. I'm certain there will be someone offended...and rightfully so...I'm offended. The word of God is offensive.

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