Saturday, October 4, 2008


Today, nothing out of the ordinary. A quiet day at home with the boys so far. Let's see.... Ryan requested (more less demanded) popcorn for breakfast. That was fun. We just traded lunch for breakfast pretty much. Then as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I looked over to see Ryan using his elephant hand puppet to entertain Logan with his many voices. It was cute... and as always I tried to capture it with the camera as soon as I could, but the "story ended" as I was raising my camera. Those are the moments I must cherish... I will never get them back. Later in the morning we decided to have a "dance party" in the living room, which can't be anything but fun... until someone gets hurt of course. Ryan got a little dizzy to say the least and threw himself right on top of Logan. No worries. He's fine. Logan let out a little yelp, then all was good. He was ready to go again! I wish adults were like that with life. Something gets you down... you get right back up again! We ended our morning by watching Little Einsteins and 1/2 of Peter Pan... while Logan was napping. I got some cleaning done and a shower too! I have been a little under the weather the last few days so it feels good to get some stuff done and be refreshed. I have been so back and forth (Joe's pretty sure of his desires) about having one more to complete our family... we'll see how I feel about that this afternoon when we go to Chucky Cheese! Well.... as I said before - a quiet day around here... SO FAR.

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