Saturday, October 4, 2008

Antics of RYAN.

My Ryan, he is well... 3. I love it! And if you ask Joe he'll say "I wish they were born this way, I don't like babies." Ryan has fully developed quite the personality! He is strong willed and loves to do things on his own. He LOVES pretending... he likes to pretend he can't hear me! (not something he's allowed to do!) He is also VERY much a first child, with first child syndrome: beat up younger siblings. NO really, he adores his little brother and is very protective. He recently had a panic attack when we were disciplining Logan. Logan received a light twack on the hand as I told him "no no"... all of a sudden Ryan started WHALING as if he were serioiusly hurt! "DONT HURT MY LOGAN- MOMMY YOU MADE ME SAD AND MAD".... so yes, he loves his brother. But most importantly is his understanding of who Jesus is, and what He's done for us. He goes to Sunday school and loves his little friends, likes to do the crafts and sing the songs. His favorites are B-I-B-L-E, The wise man who built his house upon a rock, Father Abraham, and Deep and Wide. Recently after returning from vacation we went to Granny's church before heading home... he brought his craft and showed us the picture he colored of Esther. When asked what the story was about he replied "zip your lips"... and I was a little angry. ME: RYAN, you do not tell me to zip my lips, I am simply asking you about your story. RYAN: MOM! MY STORY SAID ZIP YOUR LIPS!!! I died with laughter, not necessarily the best thing to do, but I realized he must have been asked to "zip his lips"...
Then just today i was asked him if he remembered the verse we learned yesterday - Gen. 1:1 - "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth".... he recited the verse to me, and then said "Mommy he made the dark too. That's my verse too, dark is from God." Oh how I love his innocence... his childlike faith, creativity, unconditional love, and the cutest things that come from his mouth! I want him to stay this age... well, forever.

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