Thursday, October 9, 2008

Its been a long time...

This post is mostly for myself... to look back on for "remembering". But I have really been struggling with some problems with my hips that began when I had Ryan. When I became pregnant with Logan it got pretty intense and I saw a maternity chiropractor. At a certain point there wasn't much she could do, and then I had Logan. Afterwards, the dr's suggested I wait awhile to "allow nature to take it's course" and things fall back into place. So the last month or so I have really been in a lot of pain - as in it hurts when I walk across the room, or go up the stairs in my house....grrr. So tomorrow is the big day - trying chiropractor again first. If that doesnt work, will move on to "bigger and better" things! So today I was home with the boys and was really getting down on myself re: hip pain, being laid off from work, finding a job that still allows me to "be wife and mommy", and just alot of petty insignificant things in life. Then I started to read my Bible for the first time (quiet time) in WEEKS. HOW SAD!!! I didnt read anything new and exciting... but it was exciting. The peace. The rest. Just knowing that my God CARES about the details of MY life, and that I am here for HIS GLORY - NOT my comfort was also helpful for me to remember. Thank you God for allowing me the quiet time to rest in you. I am praying that you will give me the wisdom to prioritize the events of my day - NEVER leaving out time to rest in you! Thank you God for today and for the rest. Thank you for Loving me.

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