Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Funnies...

So this week has been hard for me. I realized on Wednesday that I had NO Friday funnies for the week... not because the boys aren't funny, but because I haven't been around! I am a little sad right now, even knowing I am where I am supposed to be with this new job. For the last 4 years, I have not once worked full time... allowing ample room for the "funny stuff" to be heard. Then tonight... I had been a little emotional, and talking to God quietly as I wandered the house doing chores. Lo and behold - God gives me a funny. May sound trivial, but these boys every move has been my life for 4 years!! Sometimes I only survived the day, minute, or hour because of something funny these little men said. So here it is:
Joe was sitting on the couch with Ryan. Joe looks over to me and says "wow Ryan's breath smells.".... at that very moment Ryan said "hey dad" (joe turns around) and Ryan is right in Joe's face blowing his breath on daddy and laughing devilishly. Yeah... it was funny. It's totally something Joe would do to be obnoxious and "funny". I laughed a good bit.
Thank you God for your sense of humor, and for allowing us to have one!

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