Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Belated Friday Funnies...

So this week's funnies are late, but here nonetheless! The last week has been somewhat of a whirlwind around here. Uncle Pully (Andrew) came to visit last week and was here for Christmas. It was great to have him around and the boys absolutely LOVE having him here! Christmas Eve was just as busy as the 4 days after... and I'd say there were SEVERAL funnies mixed in there!

Christmas Eve day Joe had to work, but after that we opened Christmas Eve gifts (our new pjs), went out to dinner for our traditional Chinese dinner, and then we were SUPPOSED to go right to church after that. Being the little piggies we are, we had an hour to spare in between dinner and church... if we went home we knew we wouldnt make it back out! So we decided to drive around (in the freezing rain) and look at Christmas lights (which lights here CERTAINLY do not compare to those living south of us!). While we drove around we listened to "walking in a winter wonderland".... all of a sudden RYAN pipes up and says " Dad, where's wonderland?"

As our Christmas Eve continued on, we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve service at North. We finally arrived home and put our anxious children in bed and they were out! I still had wrapping to do for our 3 big gifts... and as Joe pulls out the box (11pm) to put together Ryan's smart cycle, he says "oh no... we need 4 D batteries." We were both shocked since this plugs into the tv that it needed batteries, but it did. SOOO lo and behold I ran out to the ONLY gas station left open, and prayed they would have batteries! And they did - for $13.00!!! Now it's funny, then not as much.:)

We made it to Christmas morning and Ryan was so excited to open the gifts! Keeping him away from Logan's gifts was a bit of a struggle. Logan enjoyed it, but had no real emotion until his big gift which was his Elmo chair. The emotion we expected with Ryan was not there at all as he calmly opened his gift and said " here's my bike". He already knew! Guess I now have to be careful about little ears listening!!! Once he saw the bike out he was definitely excited. BUT the big funny for me was when I asked Ryan if he wanted to play his new video game, he asked me so politely " when do we have to take it back to Blockbuster?".... I laughed and said " we don't, it's all yours!". .... Ryan SQUEALED with delight, jumped into my arms hugging me and said "It's really all mine?!!!"

Ryan is becoming So much more curious than he has been and has started in with asking WHY to everything!

Logan is my baby. My lovable boy --- but is growing fast and becoming quite independent. He squeals and will yell "STOP IT!" if he doesnt want you to hug or hold him. He is also my little musical man. He can hum several tunes after only hearing them once or twice. This weekend we attended a birthday party, so the newest song around here is "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". Before that it was "What's gonna work? Teamwork..." (from the wonderpets) and ABC's, and Twinkle Twinkle Little star.

These boys keep me going! I'm glad we can laugh together along the way...

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