Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Funnies....

So this week we seemed to be more interactive in conversation than normal with the boys. Maybe it's because of Logan's drastic change in his ability to speak! That brings me to the funny parts of the week... our conversations.

Logan's newest words: hot dog, NO No Ryan, BB (our dog), STOP IT (I wonder who that could possibly be said to OVER AND OVER), Moo, Quack Quack, balloon, Blue, Apple.... and my favorite is MAMA!!



So I am sure this could bring about controversy and many opinions... but here goes. After several discussions, and some thought Joe and I have agreed to tell Ryan the truth about Santa now. For me I didnt completely agree at first... I thought it was harmless. I wasnt told about Santa until I was older and do not feel "betrayed" or lied to ... just something we participated in for fun. Joe has made good points to me about this - good enough for me to support this. So what we have told Ryan is that Santa is pretend, just like Batman, Spiderman, etc. This is something he can relate to, and is ok and acceptable pretenses for a 3 yr old. Our theme around the house the last month or so has been "God is real, Santa is pretend." Not to ruin his fun - he is still allowed to participate, as long as he knows the truth. That brings me to our funny part of the story. I got nervous when we had some friends over (who do not have children) and Ryan kindly told them - ok very bluntly told them - "GOD IS REAL, SANTA IS PRETEND". I got nervous because I dont want him going to other children and saying this... especially if their parents either aren't in agreement, or their parents aren't around to explain what Ryan is talking about. So I told Joe we needed to find a way to approach this part of this. Joe and Ryan drove to blockbuster and had a conversation where Joe told Ryan " Yes, Santa is pretend. Santa was a real person a LONG LONG time ago. His name was St. Nicholas. But some people still believe he is real today. We know he is not, but you should not go around telling that to other people... they may not understand. That was their conversation.

The funny part: When the boys got home Joe wanted me to know what they had talked about. So, he said " Ryan what did we talk about in the car?"

Ryan: umm, you said I could eat cold pizza if thats how I like it.

Joe: NO... what else.

Ryan: ummm... Candy!?

Joe: Well we talked about that , but what else.

I chimed in " Ry, it starts with an "S" and has a big belly"...

Ryan: DAD! DAD STARTS WITH S AND HAS A BIG BELLY! ( I think we need to work on our letters...:))


Joe and Ryan cooked dinner for me on our family night this week. It was very nice. While Joe and Ryan were cracking the eggs open, the first one cracked and Ryan said

" Hey, I thought there was a birdie in there. Where is he?"


I continue to be amazed by my children - their childlike faith, and their funnies!

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