Thursday, August 26, 2010

"That's all there is."

Well, as I said before this has been a summer to remember. Some of those fun things included swimming with Aunt Barb & going to the park with Aunt Barb & Jackie. While Aunt Barb has been battling cancer over the last year, the cancer has slowly been winning. At the end of our vacation to Seaside, we received a phone call from Aunt Deb letting us know that Aunt Barb only had a few days left with us. This was heartbreaking news. Not just for us, but for Ryan especially. He LOVES his Aunt Barb. She is always challenging that little brain of his, all while having fun! We had to break the news to Ryan, and Joe mentioned it to him. Not expecting Ryan to understand he replied "I know, and Jackie can come live with me." Joe didn't continue as he didn't want to alarm him. Later in the car I simply leaned over and asked Ryan if Daddy had told him about Aunt Barb. Ryan said "He was just kidding." After a few watery eyes and nervous looks he dropped it and moved on to something else. We decided not to mention it anymore and just see how things unfolded.

Two days later, Barb seemed Ok. While getting breakfast ready, very harsh & loudly Ryan said to Logan "AUNT BARB IS GOING TO DIE!" This was so hard for me to hear. He repeated himself and few times and Logan very loud and angrily said "NO SHE'S NOT!!!". This screaming match went on for about another minute when I finally called Ryan over to me.
This is how our conversation went:

Me: Ryan, you need to be gentle if you say something like that. People are going to be sad that she is dying, but I want you to know she is not sad. She is going to heaven to be with Jesus, and she is happy about that. We will miss each other but she is going to heaven, which is GREAT!

Ryan: I'm going to heaven too.

Me: Oh yeah?! How do you know that?

Ryan: (in his annoyed, you must be an idiot voice) Because Jesus died on the cross.

Me: Why did he die on the cross?

Ryan: For a punishment!!? ( like I am the dumbest person on earth for not knowing that)

Me: What was the punishment for?

Ryan: For our sins, to take away our sins. Like when (pointing to Logan) he's bad.

Me: Yeah we ALL sin right?

Ryan: yeah

Me: Well, you have to ask God to be part of your life and live in your heart if you want to go to heaven.


Me: I can't do it for you, that is between you and God. You have to pray yourself and talk to God yourself.


Me: Is that it?

Ryan: That's all there is!

WOW. Now I do not want to be a foolish parent and assume or believe that all is taken care of because he prayed that little prayer. Yet I also must remember that CHILDLIKE faith. It's amazing and it encourages me that trusting HIM is just that simple. WE are the ones who make things so complex.
SO thankful for this amazing little boy God has given me.

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