Saturday, July 9, 2011

Memorable Moments Spring 2011

Often I write down sayings in random places that the boys have said, or things they've done. I am posting this on here so I dont lose them!

Logan: (Puts a twizzler half dangling into the side of his mouth)
Me: Logan, what are you doing that for?
Logan: to be like Ray (from Ghostbusters)
Me: Why is it just hanging there instead of you eating it, I don't understand.
Logan: Because that's what Ray on GB does. He has a stick in the side of his mouth (aka a cigarette).

SO innocent and I love it!!!
RYAN: Mom, there are ants in the bathroom and we don't even eat in the bathroom!
Me: (LAUGHING) There can be ants other places than where you eat and drop the crumbs.
age 6 ____________________________________________________________________
LOGAN: (while sitting in the back yard on a chair next to me) Ah, if only I were a REAL king, I'd be happy to live in a REAL castle.
I am not sure where that came from!
LOGAN: (while playing the video game Little Big Planet and creating costumes)
"OH, I'm a fairy, I'm a REAL fairy!"

Current Events:

Ryan played his first tball game 5-7-11, hit the ball 3 times from the tee, and made it all the way around the bases. I am so proud.

Logan had his first bloody nose also on 5-7-11. Ryan was being rough with him (but only playing) and hit him in the nose. Ryan ran off not thinking anything of them being rough, and when he saw that Logan was bleeding he started to cry. He really does love his little brother.

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