Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Fun.

So, the pb sandwiches & summer fun have kept me away from here. In doing so, there have been a lot of "moments" this summer that couldn't go without mentioning. With my being home, I have been able to enjoy more little moments, and some not so little.
One of the first this summer was Ryan's first Lemonade Stand. Aunt Deb & Aunt Barb hosted a yard sale at mop mop's (Ry's ggrandma) house and allowed Ryan to have his very own lemonade stand. On the way over, after some discussing, Ryan decided he wanted his lemonade money to go to the giving project of the month at church. Aunt Barb helped him draw up a nice sign, Ry & I both MADE the lemonade, and he did all the hard work... sitting in the sun and waiting for customers. He did well over all... maybe the best of us all. Most importantly, he had fun and we made memories.
One of the BIG moments of this summer so far... is potty training. Logan is now quite proud of himself, and no longer prefers a diaper. (WIN for us!) After a few (or many) messy incidents, he is getting the hang of it with a few (every 15 min:)) reminders. He now calls himself "underwear man like Robin" ( from Batman & Robin).

Along with the many sunny days of summer, we've had MANY rainy days as well. I must mention the cutest conversation I overheard the other day. That would be Ryan's conversation with God.
Ryan: You can make a flood so I can be a fishie. I like to swim.
Me: Ryan were you talking to me?
Ryan: No, Just God. I want to be a fishy, so I want it to flood. That's what I told God.

Ryan is growing spiritually, mentally, & physically. Recently Ryan told Joe and I that he would like to be the voices in movies when he "grows up". He likes to make "frog" voices, as well as many others. OFTEN he will say from the back seat of the van "Dad, can you make this voice?"... and you just never know what that will entail.

Our greatest family time these days is spent at the YMCA. Ryan is becoming quite a good swimmer, and is now working on his technique. He has made it clear that he would like to be on the swim team someday. Logan also really enjoys going "Y". He still wears a bubble, but has NO fear with it on. He will jump right in, all the while holding his arms straight out and yelling "TO INFINITY & BEYOND!"

We are still midsummer, so I'm sure we will have lots more moments this summer. I wanted to post these before I forgot! The boys are sure looking forward to our vacation at the beach with Granny, Nana, Aunt Erica, Uncle Nick, Aunt Ellie & Charissa. Those are the peeps they've been most excited to go to the beach with. Although, I must admit Uncle Nick is Logan's fav these days. He has been referring to the character Chucky on Rugrats as "Uncle Nick"... I assume bc of the red hair?

Well.... until the next list of moments... stay tuned!

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