Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Growing Boys...

Some mommy's really anticipate that monthly visit when their baby is first born to see how much they have grown. How much do they weigh, will they be in the 10th, 50th, or 80th percentile? As they grow, some parents mark the childs height with a pencil on the back of a door or in a special place that doesnt get removed.... as we do. Well, I hadn't marked any growth in quite awhile. Ryan recently turned 5, ( I know I havent even blogged about that yet! Bad mommy!) and Logan will be 3 in May. It seems over the last few weeks that Ryan has become AWARE of EVERYTHING, including his growth.
The newest way that growth has been measured in our home:

Ryan: "MOM, I grew - I dont need the stool to pee in the potty anymore!"
ME: WOW. I could've just measured you.

Ryan: "Mom, Logan can turn the lights off now, we dont need you."

That hit me in the gut. "We dont need you".... WHAT??!!!

Im thinking, I'd much rather mark the height on the wall than hear "we dont need you" anymore... but I suppose, they could just mark it themselves, right?!

I love my growing boys, but I wouldn't mind if they stayed right here in this moment.

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